Plan to Expand


Imagine if you ate the same thing for dinner every night. Imagine chocolate and vanilla were the only two flavors of ice cream. Imagine if everyone wore the same clothes, lived by the same personal code, and listened to the same music; wouldn’t the world be great?? (I wish I could type in explicit sarcasm)

Think back to a time when you tried a new food that you were convinced you weren’t going to like; a time when chicken fingers, hamburgers, and Caesar salads were the outer limits of your food game. How did you feel when you were a dinner guest, went to a new restaurant without these stalwarts on the menu, or were offered a taste of scallops, sushi, or bok choy? For me, it was discomfort, a feeling of being judged, and, in essence, fear. Why? It’s just food, why does it elicit such negative emotions when we turn down the opportunity to try something new?

The beauty of life on Earth is that there are lots of choices. Our paths, from what we choose to eat for breakfast to our career, are not pre-determined or limited. To limit ourselves in any aspect is a compromise to the potential we have. Why do I believe this? Being open to new experiences falls in line with the law of the universe and the law of the universe reveals itself to us every single day, whether we realize it or not.

So What is the Law of the Universe?

The universe is made up of matter, all matter is made up of atoms, and all atoms are made up of energy. From organic beings like you, me, and your dog to stars, planets, and the empty space in between – everything contains atoms vibrating at some sort of frequency, thus creating energy. In the past century, astronomers have come to the conclusion that the universe is constantly expanding by observing distant galaxies actually moving away from us. This theory presents itself in biology through the theory of evolution. If a species has gone extinct, it is because it failed to grow, or expand, to adapt to its surroundings. To me, this theory explains the discomfort and other negative emotions that come from failure to broaden our horizons. Because everything is made up of energy, everything shares a connection to the universe, which means that the negative emotional response is our natural universal instinct trying to alert us that we are going against the law of the universe.

Focus on Expansion

Energy is always moving; vibrating at some frequency, so if you are not expanding in some way, by law, you are contracting, and contracting goes against the law of expansion. Notice those around you who are contracting: they aren’t genuinely happy, they come across as being selfish, and by taking away from the world around them, the world around them seems to be taking away from them. It’s the concept of “Live by the sword, die by the sword.” Taking away doesn’t expand us, but giving does. Getting doesn’t expand us, but growing does. Sitting idle doesn’t expand us, but learning by trying new things does. The energy we put out into the universe returns to us in kind, so by refusing to expand or stopping the expansion of others, our world can only contract.

There are opportunities to expand present in every single moment of our day. If we teach ourselves something new, try a new food, engage in a new experience, or help someone else expand, we are obeying the law of the universe. Our own personal expansion is limitless since there is no possible way to learn everything, so we can expand in any direction we choose. Consciously choose to expand your experience of life by doing something new every day. Follow a different route home, eat at a new restaurant, read a book or watch a documentary that teaches you how to grow, or complete one of your daily tasks in a way you haven’t tried before. Ask yourself “How can I expand today?” every morning, and, every evening, write down your expansion experience from that day. Doing this trains your mind to focus on expansion and you’ll notice all of the opportunities to grow, not only yourself, but others too.

Break away from the chicken finger life and embark on something new and exciting that fills you with the expansive feelings of joy, accomplishment, and giving. When you do this, you are following the laws of the universe and the universe will respond in kind. That’s the beauty of the world we live in is found in the fact that your path isn’t chosen for you. YOU make the choice on how you expand.

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