My Computer Crashed. Now What?

It’s not forever – it’s fixable – but when you’ve put together a presentation with a bunch of new material – with a 72-slide slideshow you haven’t performed with before – and you go to turn on your computer the day before the gig to rehearse, but it doesn’t turn on… it feels like the world is crashing down around you. Any time I’d press the power button, my MacBook taunted me with 3 beeps, indicating my RAM was messed up. Not a quick fix.

Think of all of the cusswords… now combine them in as many ways as possible… that was my internal dialogue.

I laid down in my bed. It’s all I could think to do. “I’m going to have to cancel the presentation we’ve had booked for the last year.” I said to myself, not picking up on the absurdity of that idea.

“I’ll tell her I got into a car accident and can’t make it to Delaware tomorrow. Yeah!”

I’m sorry, what? Really, brain!? This is the best you can come up with!? This is the dumb thought that shook me out of my self-pity. #sodumb

The shit is GOING to hit the fan in life. After words of encouragement from the people I texted in order to vent, I sat down to get to work, outlining the presentation to the best of my memory so I could give it without using a slideshow, since my new computer refuses to cooperate with PowerPoint.

4 hours later – 2 AM

“This is it! If I go to sleep now, I’ll get the 6 hours I need and I can leave in order to get to Delaware with 2 hours to spare before my presentation.” I hit the save button and my computer promptly told me to fuck off. Yep – “Microsoft Word is not responding and needs to close.” I laughed. I couldn’t be mad – I was the one who chose to update my presentation at the last minute – no one else – and though my computers didn’t cooperate with me, it wasn’t the first time Word had crashed on me. I should’ve saved waaaay earlier. I didn’t. That’s on me. Welp, what now?

The next night

“After the day at work I had, I really needed this. I laughed, I did some thinking, and I’m going to take some of this back to work with me.”

“Not only were you funny, but you gave them practical ideas to take back to work.”

“The bathroom is right out of this door, then take another right.”

These were the first three things said to me after my presentation last night. I decided to rock with a slightly updated slideshow and throw in some new insights and jokes – it turned out so much better than I expected. Though it was an HR manager for a law firm that told me how much she needed my presentation, she was reflecting my inner-dialogue. I definitely needed it to prove to myself that any time my back has been against the wall and my computers are staging a disruptive protest against me, all I have to do is tell myself, “These are the facts. This is where I am,” then I ask myself, “What do I do now?”

When you’re going through a tough time, you can do the same.

Remember: Jesus saves… his documents at regular intervals, so in the case that his computer crashes, he doesn’t have to rack his brain and go, “Turn the other what? What did I say? Turn the other page? God dammit.”

Save YOUR documents frequently